Data Discovery for Business Intelligence

Build a profession as an enterprise intelligence analyst or advisor by learning to develop, analyze and administer data companies to help businesses and organizations make higher selections. In decision making Artificial Intelligence or often abbreviated as AI is a system that is able to provide decisions directly to the user, in this case AI as a determinant of decency while Business Intelligence is a system that works to assist users in determining the right decisions based on available data and only helpers decision.
Data Discovery for Business Intelligence
If interpreted, Business Intelligence is a series of applications and technologies for collecting, storing, analyzing, and presenting access information to help company leaders in decision making. Data mart is a part of the information warehouse that supports making reports and analyzing information in a unit, section or operation in a company. Through the application of this Business Intelligence, some or all of the knowledge and information can be integrated according to the needs of the company so as to produce several more complete decisions.

In the end, you can use Excel reports to share information, either via e-mail, SharePoint or merge reports into the control panel. As a data source for the enterprise intelligence system, business operational systems generally use an online transaction processing (OLTP) system to support daily business activities. MSS (administration assist system), refers to a broad concept of using technology to assist managerial tasks in general and especially for decision making.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool for analyzing data-information stored in data warehouse. Business Intelligence System (Business Intelligence) is a Management Information System, which applies a set of mathematical analysis models and methodologies by utilizing available information, to produce information and knowledge that can be used in complicated decision-making processes. In addition, by using Business Intelligence, companies can also implement Business Intelligence, which can easily show the achievement of an organization’s Business Intelligence more easily, faster and more accurately.

Then the extracted data goes through a transformation process which in principle is to change the existing codes into standard codes, for example the provincial code. In a changing environment, proper measurement of performance and effective supervision of these institutions is a difficult task for supervisors and regulators. Banking product managers compete in designing products and services that can answer every need for a particular segment.