Business Intelligence Based on the expert opinion

Based on the expert opinion above, in my opinion Business Intelligence is a process of manipulating information in the form of collecting, storing, analyzing and summarizing knowledge both from internal companies or from competing businesses to improve the quality of decision making for company officials. Around the 1980s starting from DSS, EIS (Executive Information System), information warehouse, OLAP and Business Intelligence began to become a concern and become a unified system. In the early 90s Business Intelligence was born, preceded by the appearance of the DSS (Decision Support System) and then the Executive Information System (EIS). The application of Business Intelligence (BI) makes the flow of data and information within the company integrated with each other. Companies rely more on the business intelligence system to stay ahead of future trends and events.

Business Intelligence Based on the expert opinion

The Central Bank plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the system of the banking system and rectifying its growth in the overall monetary policy of the State. The main objective is to reduce various dimensions into one or two (by detecting patterns in knowledge) that can be presented to human decision makers. The company will have “Single View of the Truth” for all information at all stages of the organization.

Also known as the Business Intelligence Dashboard, Enterprise Dashboard, or Executive Dashboard, is a visual summary of business information that displays business conditions through Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics. According to Elena (2010, 1), Business Intelligence is a computer technique that enables the selection of knowledge, extracting knowledge, and analyzing business information, such as the sale of a product from a department or association. Common examples of data marts are for sales departments, inventory and shipping departments, finance departments, top management, and so on.

According to Stefan Adhi Nugroho, Business Intelligence is a series of applications and technologies for collecting, storing and analyzing and presenting data access to help company officials make decisions. Business Intelligence (BI) is not a product or system, but an architecture and operational collection that is integrated with decision-making applications and databases that provide business people with easy access to business data. This is also a data storage place at this time and the historical knowledge of the interests of managers throughout the organization.

Therefore, the special company is a banking company, using a method known as Business Intelligence. A well-organized information center can store information on this form for ease and speed of access to information. Data warehouses are rejuvenated in batches, not necessarily every transaction in these source systems.